Surrealism is a niche art field, that combines reality with fantasy in a noticeably bizarre way that seems as though the real world has taken on some dreamlike or strange properties.

Perhaps best known in the field of surrealist art is Salvador Dali, but other artists such as Chirico and Max Ersnt also helped define the movement in art, which also combines with philosophy to combine dream and reality seamlessly in an effort to express the subconscious.

In photography, a variety of techniques can be employed, such as photomanipulation, double exposure, creative staging and forced perspective, to create a surreal photograph:

Impossible by Damian Connell

Melon Splash by Eric Balcon

Breaking Through by David Thompson

Becoming and Passing Away by Anja Buehrer


Clouds by Trynidada

Diving Course by Bella Von Einsiedel


Salt by Max Ziegler

Nature is painting … day after day by Yvette Depaepe


Il museo immaginario by Loris Rizzi

Tribute to Chirico by Jacek Stefan


Unfair Chess by Ingrid Krammer

Surreal Selfie by Tomitan

Untitled by Diggie Vitt

Windows of the Forest by Jacqueline Hammer

Born to fly.. by Alexander Steger Art

Little Boxes by Anne Worner


Gravity by Benjamin von Wong

The Swimming Pool Window by Gilbert Claes

Surreal Seduction by John77

Surreal phone speaking by Aleksandar Dimitrijević

Multiple Personalities by Mieke Suharini


Wherever I Go by Pieter Arnolli

Dreams by Carlo Longarini


Backwards by George Christakis

SD 1 by Vito Guarino


The Universe of Dreams by Sol Marrades

Fishing For Memories by Shawn Van Daele

Seeking The Light by Nieves Bautista

The Celebration Art by Rob Woodcox

A State of a Cold Snack by Shenshen Dou


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