Weddings are designed to be one of the most spectacular events in a person’s life, and most of us can remember attending a wedding, whether as a participant or a guest.  While some people elect for large and extravagant weddings, other people choose small, personal and intimate weddings.  It’s all a matter of personal preference, but what people can agree on is having a photographer help them capture the magic of the day.

Here are some marvelous examples of wedding photography that get you inspired.

The Forest by Oeil Photography

Rainy Night by exdigecko

Wedding by the Sea by Zach Hodges

Roots by One Love Photo

Laura and Mark Wedding by James Rubio

Bouquet by Edgar C

Bride by Ian Taylor

Wedding Photographer by Pablo Lopez Ortiz

Leah and Mike Wedding by James Rubio

Kelley & Elkins TTD by Kelly Niemann