Silhouette photography is a great style of photography that involves juxtaposing dark figures against a light background. It usually works best at sunrise or sunset, but it’s also possible during the night or even the day depending on various conditions.

By using the proper exposure, photographers are able to mask some of the features of the silhouetted object or person, while the outline of the person provides a crisp contrast to the background.

Here are some magical examples of silhouette photography.

On the Hill by Stefan Neuweger

Silhouettes in the City by Florent Puaud

Sea Silhouette by Fernando Gonzales

Up by Izidor Gasperlin

Milhouettes by Phillip Klinger

The Night is Lighter than its Hue by Fernada Prestes

Frisian Horses by Wally Hofker

North Sea by Max Bondarenko

Friends by Mitia

Photo by Mikhail Kopychko