Castles are remnants from an era long past, but they still hold an aura of majesty and mystery. From Medieval castles that were Crusader fortresses to the abodes of royalty around the world, and mysterious castles that seem straight out of a fantasy story, castles draw visitors in their millions every year to witness the fading legacy of the past.

Here are some magical examples of castle photography.

Neuschwanstein by Pilar Azana

Holy Island Castle by Scott Lowery

Hiroshima Castle by CookieMagik

Schloss Moyland by Jorg Dickmann

Castillo de Coca by P. Medina

Austria by Edgar Barany

Palacio de Pena by Ricardo Fidalgo

Reichsberg by Luzzelmann

Prague by Photobob

Scrabo Tower by Gary McParland