While at face value, loneliness may seem like a simple concept, it’s actually more complicated. While most people assume it involves a person just being alone and not surrounded by others, this is a simplistic and incorrect view of loneliness. Many people enjoy being alone (particularly introverts) and don’t have feelings of loneliness in such situations, and there are also people who are surrounded by others but still feel hopelessly lonely.

At an emotional and bonding level, loneliness is isolation, lack of connection to others that is both present and continuing. Loneliness is known to have deleterious effects on mental and physical health, but it’s also proved as inspiration for many of the major accomplishments in science and mathematics, as well as for artistic and musical creation.

Photography can capture the sensations of loneliness, by featuring single objects or concepts, but they can also be more complex:

Getting old By Fadly Hj Halim

treee By Julia Su

memories By Christoph Hessel

in black out By Codrin Lupei

Morning fog in the forest By Guillermo Carballa

Alone By Hidden-target

Alone… By SHA-1

alone in the dark By Nico Ouburg

Alone By Antonio longobardi

Only you know me… By Mal Smart

Alone By MrBadger

Somewhere By Guillermo Carballa

alone…all by myself By David Sebben

Despair By Alexandre Buisse

alone By mujdat ok

May It Be By Jan Machata

Alone in the rain … By **R**

Walking alone By BarbarShadow

expectations alone By hidlight

Alone By darkHunTer2009

alone pine tree on the rocks By Sergey IT

alone. By zeit204

No one will see us By Antonio longobardi

Alone in the Dark By David Postatny

Long train runninĀ“ By Guillermo Carballa

alone with the life. By leingad

Alone in This By Oer-Wout

Everyone Alone By CaGaTaYGENCAY

Without you By Daria Endresen

Down to the river to pray By Caras Ionut

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