Character design is an especially unique digital art field, because it requires not only creating a recognizable and creative image, but also because it requires capturing emotion and personality and expressing it through the character.

While art and design frequently focus on capturing emotion, creating a character and giving it life is especially challenging. However, when it’s done well, the characters come alive, whether they are realistic and lifelike characters or animated characters like those in a Pixar film.

In this post, I’ve showcased a few examples of lively character design.

Grandma by Beleleu

Alice in Wonderland by Michael Kutsche

Combat Droid by gelzerman


Characters by Salvador Madriz

Tropitone by Oscar Ramos

Sherlock at Holmes by gustavoeb

A& by tiger1313

Works by Max Kostenko

Rod Crimson Darkness by Wen-JR

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