When people think of the human body, they usually don’t think of art. A marvel of science and the physical world, a testament to the power of evolution perhaps, but rarely does art come to mind. However, the human body can be quite artistic.

Body art is art that is created either using the body as a canvas, or using the human body as the artistic element. While it can include tattoos and piercings, it can also involve body paint, shaping/body-modification and much more.

In this post, we’ll look at some intricate and elegant examples of human body art:

body paint By Jacek Wozniak

Black Beauty By Fabio Lous

dark pink By Benjamin Hartmann

*** By Stanislav Istratov

YMA By Alexandr Sergeev

Silent Drummer By Derek Galon

Before the shoot By Derek Galon

The Apollo In Me By Derek Galon

Self sketch By Sebastien DEL GROSSO

Les Chansons By Claudia McKinney

The Fish in the Pond By Bryan Crump

Mary By Tim Tadder

painted beauty By John Dunnigan

Snake By Stanislav Istratov

rose By Kandaeva Anastasiia

Art of body paint By Soli Art

Painted Man By Justin Lo

Tile Tales – O! Reo! By Derek Galon

No Nirvana By Derek Galon

Skeleton Girl By ElisaEly Photography

ambiguity By Andrea Peria

Untitled By Gisela Ardit

Reflections By Nati Hortig

AHTOH By Mihail Smirin

Can you see the ohter women? By Nati Hortig

Doll By David Savage

Sea Devil By Andres Rosas

Skeleton By Sandra Mendoza

Pareja ideal 🙂 By Gisela Ardit

Evil By dnjimage