Umbrellas are usually used to protect us from the elements, particularly rain and sometimes sun. Most people have a hate of umbrellas, because they imply that bad weather is involved, and most of us have had an experience with an umbrella blowing inside out or otherwise failing to keep us dry.

But there is something fascinating about umbrellas in photography, because they provide a clear contrast between the elements and the viewer or subject.

Umbrellas have been around for thousands of years, all the way back to ancient Assyrian empire and Ancient Egypt. But they are still around in today’s modern scenes as well:

Rain by Morteza Salehi

Walking Rain by Fiona Gonzalez

The Umbrella Sky by Jorge Maia

When It Rains by Yan Hay

Farm Umbrella by Amin Hamidnezhad

Umbrella by SaikoroKitty

Rain by Navid Baraty

Rush Hour II by Caras Ionut

Umbrellas by Dragan Babovic

Floating Umbrella by Dragan Milovanovic

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