As we approach the end of the year, it is common to look back and reflect upon the events of the past year. Both from a personal development standpoint and a global perspective, reflecting on the past not only gives us a better sense of the present, but it also allows us to understand and learn from situations that occurred over the past year.

As we gear up for New Year’s 2012, it is only fitting to see some inspiring examples of reflection photography to inspire you as you look for insight and reflect on your own past year.

Lake Mystic by Tad Cholinski

Neighbors by Dirk Eidner

Reflection by azimos

Paint it Blue by Philippe Sainte-Laudy

Puddle’s Reflection by Mustardplz

Solace by sutarmin

Reflected in the Stars by Antonio Grambone

Follow the Flow by Photonook

Glacierized by Ralf Mack

Prague by O-Renzo

Hitchcock’s Sunset by Mischa de Wilt

The Photographer by Thaib Chaidar

Kintyakuta by Kouji Tomihisa

reflejada en el mar de cristal by atwose

Let it Rain by David Marcu

Market Square by paralaxa

Black Hole Sun by Jean Philippe Meurice

Reflection by The96th

Wanaka, That Tree #1 by Brad Grove

Kirkjufell by Raymo

Situn Gunung Moment by albertus m adi windianto

In the Moment by Christopher J Ashdown

The Rising Sun by Armand Belakov

Liquid Time by Uros Florjancic

Raincatcher by Mandy Schoch

Ice by Brin

Reflection by Elisabeth Gustafson

Small World by Ralf Greiner

Hannover Rathaus by Sprengben

3 Sisters by Anna Veronika