Flowers are structures of certain plants, used by the plant for reproduction, and can create fruit and seeds that are harvested by animals for food.

Flowers are naturally appealing to animals and insects, in order to facilitate the transfer of pollen and thus reproduction. As such, they often have bright, vivid colors, and eye catching structures.

When in full bloom, the colors are at their peak and the flower is at the largest size, and in optimum position for photography:

Sunflowers By Thomas Lindholm

Flowers VI By Henk Goossens

Spring time By Anna Nahabed

Springtime, all colourful flowers bloom. By Fabrizio Malisan

Béllis By Sergei Zyubin

Stargazing Resting By Karen Forsyth

Floral Mecca By Igor G

sunflower By Daniel Wechsler

Daisies By Jouni Pihlanko

Lotus blossoms By Elena Elisseeva

Vintage roses bouquet sepia toned By Arletta Cwalina

Heaven on Earth By Marc Adamus

The beauty of Spring By Lazy Vlad

The Fab Four By Ursula Abresch

Spring Blooms By Lijah Hanley

A small flower on the ground By Allan Wallberg

porcelain By Aida Ianeva

Mayleen By Jacky Parker

Apple Blossom By Ralf Stelander

Nearness By Bee Thalin

Roe deer flower field By Andy Luberti

Ladybag on cherry flower By Roksana Bashyrova

Cherry blossoms on spring cherry tree By Elena Elisseeva

Tulips Blooming in Spring Season By Jit Lim

Blackthorn By Oliver Andrews

Vintage tree flower background photo of beautiful cherry tree. A By Maciej Bledowski

Charleston SC Magnolia Plantation Gardens – Memory Lane By Dave Allen

Lupinicious By David Hardy

Blooming in the sun By Edwin Leung

Beautiful valley By Dmitry Pichugin

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