Clouds can be a photographer’s best friend or a nightmare. Clouds are basically water droplets that are suspended high up in the air, which have coalesced into a structure where the cohesive force can hold the cloud together. Clouds frequently produce precipitation when they become over-saturated with water droplets, and they are essential for transporting water, bacteria, and minerals to other parts of the globe.

For photographers, clouds can easily ruin the day by blocking the sunlight and giving a dull, desaturated feel to the landscape. On the other hand, however, a cloudless sky can also be a major challenge for photographers as the harsh, direct light is not diffused or occluded at all, resulting in sharp dividers.

Clouds are essential for landscape photography, but they are also a unique photographic subject by themselves, as you’ll see in these examples.

Dreamscape By Ian Plant

Clouds on fire By Eben

Cloud City By Sebastian Opitz

The End Station

When Hot meets Cold By Ahmad Abusaad

Water clouds and snow By Riki

Storm Cloud, Pilbara, WA By Christian Fletcher

Into the Clouds By elcoyote

Beam me up!! By AtomicZen : )

Would You Like To Ride In My Beautiful Balloon By Carlos Gotay

Mother of Pearls By Þorsteinn H Ingibergsson

clouds By Charley17

Mushroom Cloud Explosion at Shirakawa-go By Agustin Rafael Reyes

Rigi Sunset By Amazing Views Photography

Watching The Sun By Alexey Sizov

Cloud cover By Arturo Lasso

Cloud By Franz Schumacher

I N V A S I O N By Marco Rank

art of light By Matej Rumanský

Yellow field By Katarina Stefanovi

Path To The Light By Claudio Coppari

Clouds By Beatrix

clouds… By Dragan Todorovic

lotus fields and the approaching storm By Prashanth Naik (PNike)

The Cage By Suhari Minggu Ningsih Soekandar

Lost in Time By George Christakis

The Awakening By Timothy Poulton

Above the Clouds By Scott Smorra

Something Wicked By Matt Granz

Storm Dissipation By Matt Granz

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