The concept of lines is one of the first concepts we learn about in school (and in life). Whether it’s drawing a line, or walking in a straight line, or in math, most of us have been working with lines all our lives. Technically, a line has negligible width and depth, and infinite length, whereas a line segment has two fixed endpoints, and a ray has one fixed endpoint and an infinite length in one direction.

Mathematical semantics aside, lines appear naturally in life and nature. Buildings have straight line sides (for the most part), plants often grow in lines, people naturally form lines when waiting or when walking, and lines are even formed by erosion.

Not all lines have to be straight, they can be bent or ragged, but generally they will still provide a great concept in photography:

Pink Elephants By paulo abrantes

lines By Peter Pfeiffer

Along a road By Keisuke Ikeda

Chiesa San Giovanni Battista II By Harry Lieber

Hypnose By Alexander Khokhlov

Absolute Towers II By Roland Shainidze

Is Time Linear? By Philipp Klinger

Between the lines By Helle Lorenzen

versus By Graziano Racchelli

Azores By Rui Caria

The Cube By Igal Pronin

Thinker… By Ewa Frye

Shanghai – Fibonacci Spiral By Thomas Sivilay

keep on running By Tony Goran

weaver By Veli Aydogdu

motion By morteza salehi

Curved Bench By Peter Crock

Ahead we go By Danilo Faria

Sala Principal By Martin Fleckenstein

( ( ( ( By Richard Bland

Icarus By Jake Sorensen

Misleading Lines By Michael Luna

Maze By Marius Noreger


Sway By sami de leon

follow the lines By ulrik teisner

Stormy morning By Salim waguila

Irradiation By Roberto Mugnaioli

Cello By Charles Brooks

Sunny By erhan durceylan

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