Fruits are part of flowering plants that allow the plant to disperse seeds. Fruits are often delicious, in order to entice animals to pick them and eat them, thus allowing the seeds to be dispersed and transported to new areas.

Fruit seeds allow a new plant to form and grow, thus creating more fruit and ensuring the survival of the plant. For animals, fruits are more often known as one of the important food groups and important staple in many diets.

In this post we’ll look at fruit in photography with some delicious and some creative examples:

Sick Banana By Jacqueline Hammer

Fruit in Photography: Delicious and Creative Examples

spider business By Thaib Chaidar

Lady with pumpkins By Mihnea Turcu

Red Apple By Aida Laneva

Basket of Fruit By Tom Mc Nemar

Fruit in Photography: Delicious and Creative Examples

Snoozy with fruit By Ellen Van Deelen

fruit peeler By Sedef ISIK

tangerine By Michael Bochet-Merand

Fruits By UstinaGreen

want apple..? By V.Danny Lumanto

taste of summer By Alla Pressmann

Fruit Basket By Tanja Riedel

Rainier Cherries By Katarina Saarinen

Fruit in Photography: Delicious and Creative Examples

So Orange! By Aniline Toxic

Briar By Natasha Breen

Taste Of Summer By Eugene Gurkov

Fruto de la granada By Moreno Dholcrams

Strawberries By Elena Galich

baseball pear By Jose Laino

Fruit bulb By Giorgio Toniolo

Vintage tangerine By Delphine Devos

Still Life With Figs By Lenka

The East motives By Eleonora Grigorjeva

Fruit Basket By Stefano Corona

August Gifts of the Garden By ??????? ????????

Apple of My Eye By Peter Davidson

Fruit Art By Faisal Ansari

? ??????? ? ???????? By ??????? ????????

Still life in the Dutch style with a jug By Svetlana L

Still life with Flowers and Grapes By UstinaGreen

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