Bread, along with rice in Asia and corn in the Americas, is one of the staple foods that developed early on in human existence, primarily in Europe. Bread consists of a mix of flour (from grains) and water, crafted into a dough and then often baked.

Breads vary by the flour type, the ratio of flour to water, the baking times, and the dough preparation, but most breads share common characteristics and the development of bread allowed humans to form established towns and societies through farming as opposed to hunter/gatherer lifestyles.

Bread is a food that photographs well, especially fresh from the oven, and is used in preparing all sorts of dishes for food photographers to capture:

Czech Bread By Jana Maleckova

Close-up of traditional bread By Roman Tsubin

Chicken sandwich By Mirage Gourmand

Ready for lunch.- By Pablo Reinsch

Bread By Afsin Çelik

Mouse By flx 8202

Dont eat… just look By Tudor Calin

Danish baking By aristotle Kallis

Turkey Sandwich By Denise Torres

Cob Loaf By Dan Grannum

Healthy Vegetarian Veggie Sandwich By Brent Hofacker

Loaf of multigrain bread By Elena Elisseeva

Hearty Breakfast Sandwich on a Bagel By Brent Hofacker

the Kid By Murat Ozcelik

Still life with bread and milk By Svetlana L

Sunflowers By Eleonora Grigorjeva

Village baker By janini (Zhana Topchieva)

Lunchtime… By Els Baltjes

Baking bread By George Doupas

Sandwich with plum jam By Shaiith

Tea sausage By Christian Fischer

A group of people sitting at a table…. By Mint Images

Breakfast with bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast By david413

Good morning! By ????? ????????????

Business lunch with soup and salad By Dina (Food Photography)

A variety of gourmet donuts Brian Enright

Homemade Leftover Thanksgiving Dinner Turkey Sandwich By Brent Hofacker

Healthy breakfast with bread and strawberry jam By Oxana Denezhkina

Brunch in the restaurant By Dina (Food Photography)

Lunch with olives By Natasha Breen

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