Zen is a Chinese word that refers to a school of Buddhism. Emphasizing insight and using techniques such as breath monitoring, mental observation, meditation and chanting, Zen is commonly referred to as a meditative state.

Zen concepts are practiced not only in Buddhism, but also in a variety of other religions, as well as yoga, and even the concept of biofeedback in medicine uses similar techniques as Zen.

Capturing zen in photography usually focuses on illustrating the calm, meditative, focused states:

Sleeping Buddha By Walde Jansky

essence of zen By tom r. grabuschnigg (tomtitan)

Enlightenment By Tom Baetsen – xlix.nl

Meditation By Gunarto Song

learn contemplative By Herbert A. Franke

Bliss By Sri Harsha Meghadri

The Prayer By Filiz Diner Blbn

The Big Buddha By Bozena

Nirvana By Adarsh Murthy

I take this in my hand By Jorun Larsen

Meditation By Philippe CAP

Body and Soul By Stefan Thaler

The Cave By Thanes G.

Meditation… By Mikdat Besni

Rapture By Michael Anderson

Contemplation By Chaluntorn Preeyasombat

Light of God (Visak Bochea or Buddhist Day)! By Mardy Suong Photography

Offering the Candle Light on Visak Bochea’s day (Buddhist Day)! By Mardy Suong Photography

Novice Monk praying to the Buddha By Sasin Tipchai

Meditation By Evgeny Saukov

Buddha By Stanislav Volgushev

Peace By Leif Westling

Zen Meditation By Marco Brivio

Candle Meditation By Daniel Nahabedian

Buddhist meditation By Julien Atr

The Intervention of Divine Sustenance By Walid Khoury

Young Monk Meditating – Thailand By Daniel Nahabedian

Revelation By Paloma Juárez

All The Way By Vichaya Pop

The Buddha and the Buddhist monk By qing yue

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