Christmas season is upon us, and with the holiday only about a week away, I thought it only fitting to do a post on festive Christmas photography. For any holiday, photographers have a great natural selection of concepts to choose from, and Christmas is no different. From sparkling lights to glittering ornaments, the crisp cold skies and soft, pillowy snow, the Christmas season has great opportunities for great photography.

In this collection, I’ve gathered up some of my favorite examples of Christmas photography. Check them out:

Snowflake by Karl W.

Christmas Snow by Michael Mounts

Christmas Reflections by Ellipsis Imagery

Feliz Natal by SeLuSaVa

Christmas to Me by Ryan Mattson

Advent by Andreas Adelmann

Christmas by diduuuuu

I See Stars by Sylvia

Christmas Tree by DreAminginDigITal

Disney’s Hollywood Studios by Matt Pasant

Christmas by lucky008

Family Christmas 2010 by isayx3

Happy Holidays by Stevacek

x-mas day swim by lomokev

Hearst Christmas by Aaron M

Living Room by Dave DiCello

Something needs to be done every December ! by kktp

Hamburg Christmas Fair by Wolfram Schubert

A Neo-Rockwellian Christmas by Trey Ratcliff

Christmas with Snow by Fort Photo

Gingies Galore by Heartfelt Handmade by heartfelthandmade

Christmas Tree by Yuriy Romadin

Christmas is Sweet by allendoesphotos

Christmas in NYC by C Hamr

Christmas Lights by Annabel Evelyn

Christmas Atmosphere by Dario Quaroni

Oh Christmas Tree by Ryan Wright

Christmas Cats by fornacon

Christmas time has come by *yiiikes

Christmas Pug by garnettrules21

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