Most of us view insects as at best, something to ignore, and usually as a pest or something that should be killed. Insects frequently are parasitic (such as bed bugs), or transmit disease (such as mosquitoes or flies), or destroy crops, and are viewed negatively around the world.

However, insects act in many beneficial roles, such as through pollination of plants, and keeping the population of other insects and animals in check, and also acting as food sources for animals such as birds.

Insects are some of the most diverse animals on the planet and consist of over 50% of known living organisms with over a million different species. This diversity leads to different shapes, sizes, colors and behaviors. However, many insects are green, to help them blend into leaves and other vegetation, and this bright green color definitely stands out in photographs:

Imantis By Alberto Di Donato

ready to jump By Alberto Di Donato

Eumegalodon sp By Mariska Boertjens

Portrait of An Alien By Nhut Pham

Wasp in the Hood By Zoran Milutinovic

Supermodel By bug eye 🙂

I see you By Melania Marchi

Oh,my God! By jimmy hoffman

Reflection By jimmy hoffman

Anacridium aegyptium-larva By jimmy hoffman

Am I cute? By Izidor Gasperlin

not !……RHINO By bug eye 🙂

The Green Grocer By Gilles Royer

slow walking By bug eye 🙂

Big green beetle Cetonia Aurata By Snezana Petrovic

Synchronised birth of an Emperor By Hans Van Rafelghem

On my car By jimmy hoffman

Catching aphids By jimmy hoffman

Jungle Critter By Werner Bollmann

Grasshopper Again By austriaka

Think green By Manuel M. Almeida

I believe…I can fly! By E B

“What is it?” Mantis By Eve BlueRose

Dragonfly By Justin Lo

Walang Ambruk By Flona Hakim

Pollination By Macrolife

a long horned grasshopper By Wasim Akhtar

Poplar By bri curtis

camouflage By Calin Crestin

3..2..1… By Danny W

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