Eclipses are events where one object is obscured by another, usually in astronomy when referring to a lunar eclipse (when the moon moves into Earth’s shadow) or a solar eclipse (when the moon is between the Sun and the Earth and casts a shadow on Earth).

Eclipses are relatively rare, and have been observed since antiquity and were often viewed as omens until they were scientifically explained with the advent of modern astronomy.

They can be dangerous to look at (especially solar eclipses), but using filters and protective eyewear, they can be photographed with great results:

Partial eclipse with cloud By G Naron

texas eclipse By Barry Byrd

Solar eclipse 2015 By Mariusz Zarzycki

Partial Solar Eclipse Penzance By Adam Van Dorp

Eclissi By Nicolò Grespi

Eclipse By JANNIK

SUN ECLIPSE MARCH 2015 By Colin Molyneux

Solar Eclipse 2015 By Mario Ciperle

NYC Solar Eclipse By Chris Cook

eclipse By Bartosz Wyszynski

Partial Solar Eclipse By Stéphane OMANUS

Partial Solar Eclipse By Josh Spradling

Partial solar eclipse By Aaron Gibbons

Smoky Eclipse By Neil D.

Lunar Eclipse 2007 By Maulwurf

Solar Eclipse By Santiago Pascual Buyé

There is nothing new under the sun By janini (Zhana Topchieva)

Solar eclipse 2013 in Nairobi By Peter Ndung’u

Partial Solar Eclipse By Brian Gison

Solar Eclipse (’12) By Jarod Holley

Solar Eclipse Setting By Andreas Gudmundsson

Total solar eclipse of 2010 By Morten Ross

Solar eclipse By Tuomas Vuorio

Partial Solar Eclipse By Stefan Tschoner

The Old Gods And The New By Matt Katzenberger

The moment of love By Kenichiro Matsuo

Total Solar Eclipse China 2008 By Nicolas Reyren

Solar Eclipse 20/3/15 By Douglas

Partial Solar Eclipse By Stephan Schultz

Solar eclipse By Javier López Peña

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