Railroads are one of the primary modes of transportation used around the world, both for goods as well as for people. With the development of the steam engine, railroads exploded in use in both Europe and the United States, before spreading around the world, and then experiencing a decline.

However, railroads are seeing a resurgence around the world, particularly in Asia, with the development of high speed rail. Railroads do have some unique challenges though, as they require track to be laid over a wide area, which leaves a noticeable mark on the environment, and they also produce significant noise, which many homeowners object to having nearby.

For photographers though, the contrast between the natural and the man-made can be quite dramatic:

Railway to Heaven By Pedro Quintela

going to school By asit

Railroad bridge By Ryusuke Komori

endless By SEO

Twilight Zone By Fredrik Marklund

Life Is Short By Andrea Auf dem Brinke

Railroad Spike By Chad Hasty

Railroad in fog By Göran Erlandsson

Tracks By Søren S. Nielsen

Rails By Claus Petersen

Viktoria street – Gothenburg By Kristofer Ristolainen

The “Bica” Funicular – Lisbon, Portugal By Ricardo Bahuto Felix

Holy way By Sergey Parishkov

Rising By De eL

Bath Tube By [email protected]

Railway and plant By Peerasith Chaisanit

Brothers love By Tatyana Tomsickova

Railroad By Rizsavi Tamás

Rainbow Flow By [email protected]

Alone By Rizsavi Tamás

The Last Train By CitiFlyart

Sakura of synchronization By PEC GG

Musician By Voian Marin

Welcome to My Childhood By Firman Maulana

Traveler By Miha Pavlin

Ally By Vildan BÜYÜKKAYA

Wanderlust By Roland Wagner

BNSF Palmer Kanaskat Bridge By Brian Xavier

Where should I go? By Eleonora Di Primo

BNSF Bridge between Palmer and Kanaskat, WA By Brian Xavier

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