Desserts are, for many of us, our favorite part of a meal. Desserts are generally (but not always) a sweet course that concludes a meal, following an appetizer and a main course. Desserts are representative of the culinary styles of their respective regions, and are often some of the most well-recognized dishes from given cultures, countries and ethnic groups.

Desserts include a wide array of items, such as cakes, cookies, pastries, ice cream, candy, pudding, pie and more. While most of us are familiar with decadent desserts that cater to our sweet tooth, some cultures prefer more savory desserts.

Some of the iconic elements of dessert include chocolate, honey, cream, sugar, frosting, fruit and baked items. Here’s some delicious looking dessert photographs to ruin your 2014 diet resolutions.

The only difference between a long life & a good dinner…with dinner, the sweets come last. by Steven Brisson


Christmas tree vanilla cupcakes by Agnieska Piatkowska


Macarons by Marion Scheper


Berries by Lars Bronden Nicolajsen


Poppy Seed Cake by Krzysztof Ziolkowski


Chocolate Covered Oreo Cake by Ginny


Food by Joca Faria


Chocolate Tart with Raspberries by Agnieska Piatkowska


My Happy Meal Version by Vanessa Dualib


Mini Cupcakes Tower by Elena Sukhanaeva


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