Winter is often admired for its pure beauty and crisp, clean colors, where red and green often stand out and contrast with the pure white, dark skies and blueish tones from the winter skies. With snowmen, icicles, frozen lakes and blinding snowstorms, photographers have tons of subjects to work with.

Here’s some crisp and cold photographs of winter for your inspiration. Check these out, then try photographing your own!

Snowy Morning by Sylvain Latouche

Snowstorm by Tamara Will

House and Trees by Per Ola Wiberg

A Stroll Among Giants by Finbar Mad

Icicle by Neal Fowler

Imagine by Odd

Best of Yellowstone by Howard Ignatius

Pointer by Maria Stromvik

Hoarfrost Queen by Masahiro Miyasaka

Winter Meal by Jan Tik

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