Many of us have pets, and some of us have many of them. Whether you’re a fan of birds, cats, dogs, turtles, rabbits, fish or mice, everyone has a preferred animal that can always cheer them up. Photographers love taking photographs of their pets, and the unexpected reactions of the animals never cease to amuse us.

In this collection I’ve gathered up some clever and interesting pet photographs.

Photographer Called? by Dmitry

Inquisitiveness by Konstantin Smirnov

* by Sergey Lekometsv

Tomber Prisoner by walexis

Roadside Romantic by Rimantas

Security Guards by Roman Shalenkin

Reindeer by Irina Makushina

* By Denis Buchel

Guard by Maxim Bukin

Dragon by Anton Polyakov

  • These are great. Especially the one with the cat gnawing on the Nikon 🙂

  • i love that photo with cat on the nikon 😀
    nice photos:)

  • I love the cat gnawing on the Nikon, and the one called Guard.

    Very nice photos!