Christmas is the most photogenic holiday of them all. Everything turns into a folk tale wherever we look. I encourage people to practice and always to keep their camera with them, but I understand that sometimes passion can be slowed down, and this statement is not always accomplished. Thanks to the miracle of Christmas, this downfall turns to be reverted and the mere presence of the holiday, can work as a spirit lifter for them to grab their cameras again and even capture some amazing Christmas Photography.

Christmas Photography Essays

In previous occasions, I have gone crazy documenting many things that happen in the Christmas context. One of them is the preparation of my own household, another great essay that I went through was about diners. All these essays have centered in how my family celebrate this beloved holiday for them. Maybe the images are not striking, but they speak true to myself in terms of family and my own history.

Cookies For Santa - Free Stock Photo By Pixabay

Thrill - Free Stock Photo By Pixabay

Many family has it’s own traditions on Christmas eve, and you don’t need to go seek eccentric families to have a great essay to work with, center in on your own families, and you’ll have the time of your lives by doing what you love the most (hoping it’s photography) with your loved ones by your side.

Neighborhood and beyond

And speaking of essays, Christmas is a great opportunity for documenting everything that happens around your own neighborhood. Near the place where I live, many stores hoist huge and massive Christmas trees, and even being able to document this construction effort is a great topic for social essays with Christmas related theme. Essays work better when they are planned in advance because the prime concept of them is to tell a meaningful story. Write down a list of all the things that Christmas positively affect in your own context, and all of them are great topics for going after a solid narrative essay.

Christmas Tree - Free Stock Photo By Unsplash

Great Falls Winter Twilight - Violet Velvet Fantasy - Free Stock Photo By Nicolas Raymond

Cold - Free Stock Photo By Unsplash

White Balance

One of the most important things I’ve ever learn about the great features of Digital Photography, is White Balance. I don’t know how I had lived without knowing about the importance of White Balance. But, why am I telling you this? Simple, because White Balance correction is almost the same as Color Correction in movies. This key feature of movies, is the puppet master behind the mood of a scene, and there is no other holiday moodier than Christmas.

Christmas Bell - Free Stock Photo By Unsplash

Interiors need to have a cozy feeling, and warm tones always work perfect for this premise. Exteriors in the other hand work best when they have a cold color temperature. The thing both exterior and interior work great when color is corrected to go in line with this, is because we as human beings are keener to expectations, and we expect certain things to have a certain type of color when it comes to mood and ambiance. Just imagine a Christmas diner documented in cold and gloomy color tones. It will have an eerie effect that is not expected by the viewers, unless it has an artistic purpose, but whenever you craft an artistic project, it is a good practice to create an artist statement, but this is a topic for another day.

Snow on Berries - Free Stock Photo By Pixabay


Many people have asked me through the years about the best settings for capturing photos of fireworks, and I always give them the same answer. First, I encourage them to compose differently, with some context instead of the plain firework explosion in the dark sky. Second, to use a sturdy tripod with a cable release. And finally, for the settings, ISO 100 or 200, RAW format, aperture of f/8.0 to f/16.0, and bulb. Also, a good practice is to turn auto-focus off because it will go crazy while trying to focus to the empty darkness, and to turn noise reduction on.

Fireworks - Free Stock Photo By Suvro Khan

Christmas Stock Photo tip

Speaking of traditions, many families love to send Christmas cards to their relatives and friends, and in many cases these cards need a lot of effort and logistic in terms of imagery and design. I have served many people in the past with images for several purposes, and I have noticed that holiday themed images work perfect for creating such cards. With free Christmas stock photos and nativity images from our vault you can save time and can give your relatives and loved ones a beautiful surprise in terms of innovation. We offer you images from several photographers around the globe, and each photographer have their own style.

Coffee in the cold - Free Stock Photo By Unsplash

Aurora Borealis - Free Stock Photo By Pixabay

Christmas Frame - Free Stock Photo By 2happy

Blow - Free Stock Photo By Pixabay

Christmas balls - Free Stock Photo By 2happy

Red Velvet - Free Stock Photo By Rachael Towne

Glowing Gift Box - Free Stock Photo By Nicolas Raymond

Christmas Balls - Free Stock Photo By 2happy

Whatever you do, remember to enjoy the holiday and to be thankful for all the good things that have happened to you in this year.

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