Last week, we looked at how order and organization works well in photography and creates a naturally appealing visual for the eye to look at. However, not everything in the world is organized and orderly, in fact, many things behave chaotically and are wild, unpredictable and disordered.

These concepts can also play well in photography, and in a strange way, almost create a sense of order through their chaotic nature. Seemingly random or disordered items can develop their own organization and patterns, but pure chaos also has a naturally appealing style in photography.

Here’s some examples of chaos and disorder in photographs:

Chaos By ido meirovich

chaos in the water By Dimitar Chungovski

chaos By Robert

Order and Chaos By Patricia Sweeney

Chaos 4 Sale By Kevin Doolan

Chaos By Sreekumar Mahadevan Pillai

Oystercatchers By Andrej Chudy

Birds of Chaos By Ahmet Ünal

Conscious chaos. By Sachin Gangadharan

Macau By Cesar Nascimento

Flying Free By Patrick Davis

Hamburg Train Station By Mon Cano

Chaos By Himanshu Sharma

By Axel Hahn

Chaos By MJU Photoworks

Chaos from the top By Amith Nag

chaos By baris can

Streets of Kathmandu By markhuls1965

Water Chaos By Lúcio Dias

Chaos By Máximo Panés

Winter Chaos. By Mikko Raima

The Silence of the Lambs By Istvan Kadar

Birds… from Hitchcock By Fátima Silveira

Lost By Guy Cohen Photography

Cold Morning Flight By Doug Roane


Effoliation By Nadav Dov Boretzki

Birds By Tony N.

Looking for a place… By Ronen Rosenblatt

Sparkles By Chris

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