The sun plays a key role in most types of nature photography. Whereas portraits and objects can be artificially lit, most natural scenes have sunlight as the lighting source.

Sunlight has a variety of properties that have to be accounted for in photography, and the time of day plays a huge role in how a photograph appears. Golden hour, or the hour before sunset or after sunrise is frequently the most popular time for nature photographers.

However, many photographs are also taken in the bright sun, and they frequently have a vibrant, happy and energetic feeling:

On a bright, sunny day in Amsterdam by Thorsten Becker

Bright Lost Lagoon by Songralonian

Countryside by Kasper Nymann

Free at the top! by Penny Wong

Sunny by TimeKiller357

Lifecycle by Rasica

Let the light engulf you! by Noelle Buske

Sunny Day by Lady—Vengeance

Countryside by Kasper Nymann

Looking Up by Gary

Bright by D-o-m-u-s

Red Carpet by Marco Götze

Lightness yb Lisa Lang

Sunny day by Roman

Las Montan~as by Darian Smith

Sunburst and Wildflowers by Orlon 2

Goat Rock by Watson Lu

trees sun flare by Sean Gladwell

Sunny Fields by LyraWhite


Autumn sunny park by Roksana Bashyrova

Summer Beginning by Dominic Marley

Sun light between the trees by Deyan Georgiev

Linearity by J-P Kalupa

Light by Marisa Nourbese

Field of sunflowers by Igor Goncharenko

What a beautiful morning! by Ruth Hartnup

It’s Quite Bright by sejnow

Bright by Mona Dienhart

sunset boulevard by Tegan Edwards

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