Lots of different materials are used in automotive manufacturing, such as plastic, steel, carbon fiber and aluminum. However, some of the main components are made of metals, which can give strength to the vehicle but also provide a shiny surface.

For automotive enthusiasts, the metallic equipment in a car is some of the most fun to look at and tinker with. And for photographers, it’s one of the best subjects to photograph because it can reflect light and draw the eye and contrast against the color of the vehicle.

Here’s some examples of blinged out automotive photographs:

The Car By Nicolas Marguerie

vintage By Matthew Ross

Shelby GT H By Steven Ellis

Tired By altlmor


cars By Gabor Medzihradszky

Old Car in a Garage By Robert Patterson

Morning Light By Ronnie Conlin

oysteinwestliephotoweb By Oystein Westlie

Retro cars By Alexander Minin

Goodguys 4th Spring Lone Star Nationals Auto Show By Carl Licar

BatSide By Tobias Hellström

The Transporter By Andre Schmidt

The Spirit of Ecstasy By Bruno B

2 Miura By holger droste

Buick By holger droste

The Scream By Bragi Ingibergsson – BRIN

Steel cat — Jaguar E-Type / XK-E By Alexander Voss

The Eyes By Bragi Ingibergsson – BRIN

Classic Citroen By Cris Kalangis

Logo By Shriram Kulkarni

BMW e60 By Pavel Tkachuk

La P’tite Peugeaot By Nicolas Marguerie

Jaguar XJ 2013 By Dmitriy Zhuravlev

Red By Robert

Giulietta By Nicolas Marguerie

Lamborghini By Marko Zirdum

Reventon By Jay A

Zonda By Jay A

The Intimidator By auto bellisima

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