Rivers offer a great subject for photographers, because they are a clear and defined subject that can be contrasted against a background, as well as the motion of the water providing movement to the piece.  Waterfalls, canyon rivers and mountain streams all offer various environments for photographers.

Here are a few photographs showcasing the beauty of rivers.

Running Water by Jessica Esseiva

Mystical Waterfall by Faith Kilic

A River Runs Through It by Justin Jew

River Radiant by Alexander Nail

Owens River Dawn by collectiveone

River of the Gods by Marc Adamus

Alpine Awakening by Doug Roane

Seljalandsfoss by Claudio Coppari

Cuillin by John Parminter

Misty River by Pam Colander

  • eric. love your pictures. i would like to paint one
    with your permission.