Blurriness is usually considered a bad thing. No one likes to have blurry vision, it’s a symptom of poor eyesight or health issues, and it leads to headaches due to the inability of the eye to focus properly. In photography, blur is usually considered an amateur’s problem when it’s unintended, and simply a focusing feature for more advanced photographers.

Blur occurs for two main reasons in photography. The first type is focal blur, or blur that results from a lens being focused on something and not on something else, and having a limited depth of field. The other type is motion blur, which is caused by moving objects that are being photographed with slower shutter speeds.

Blur isn’t always a bad thing, in fact, it’s often used to highlight or bring out a subject, or to create a sense of motion or intensity, such as in these examples:

Speed By Zbynek Cincibus

invitation By Jure Kravanja

Lisbon – Line 28 By Michael Jurek

Balerina Art Wave By Antonyus Bunjamin (Abe)

Blending By Nadav Dov Boretzki

Vertigo By Vince Russell

Rush By Marton Apai

Journey By Laszlo Gal

Life on the road By Amine Fassi

Chained By Zain Uddin Hadfeez

London’s Lifeline By Aaron Yeoman

something wicked this way comes By blumwurks

Loneliness By Manu Barreiro

Amazing By ruben redondo

Busy street By Irina Sen’

Twister By Ahmed Abdulazim

Chasing the Cans II By Barbara Read

Berkin Elvan By Emine Basa

Workday By Angela Muliani Hartojo

passing By ali aminaie

ManhattanTwilightBlur By coolor foto

Motion Blur By Paul Sikorski

Tower Bridge By Tim Stolldorf

Untitled By Elke Kulhawy

The Knockout Punch By Faisal Haroon

Boating By Massimo Della Latta

New York by night,2013 By Loreta Teodorova Voutova

blurr By Antje Woolum

Rainy step By sur

Operette Performers Parade By Ridzal Ridwan

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