Photographing wildlife can be a difficult task, as animals don’t tend to stay still for very long, and they are easily scared away by careless photographers. One of the best times to capture animal photographs is when they are eating or drinking, because they are preoccupied and tend to stay relatively still.

Here are some amazing photographs of wildlife in action, eating and drinking.

Gymnastics by Thomas Retterath

Sharing the Food by Carl Somerset

Parental Bliss by Hennie van Heerden

Don’t Disturb by Rainer Blankermann

Food Critic by Vesuvianite

Foodfight by Tad Arensmeier

Golden Snub Monkey by In Cheryl Kim

Fisherman by Gorazd Golob

Alaska: The Catch by Roman Golubenko

Inaugural Berries by Michael Menefee

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