Light is such a crucial element in photography, and quality lighting is usually a core component of any photograph. However, it’s possible to do so much with light if you get creative with motion, brightness, and light sources.

When using long exposures, it’s possible to capture light trails while keeping dark objects, such as yourself, from appearing in the photo. And it’s also possible to do light painting using motion or layer lights on top of each other if you can pull it off.

Here’s some photos that feature 360 degrees of light by spinning in photographs:

Light Spin with Kim Henry by Eric Paré

Camp Trails by Bill Church

Spin the lights by velolight3

Light Swirls by OpticalAddiction

The 24×360 Project [24×]by Eric Paré

Lightpainting by Helodie

antiparticle by { tcb }

Light Painting by Joshua M. Hayden

lightseeker by ferry kana

Man Made Meteor Shower by Gary Randall

Beam Me Up by Greg Gibbs

Circling The Dead by Marsel van Oosten

FIRE WALL by Anish Adhikari

Fear No Evil by Willem Vlotman

Carnival Lights by Bill Church

Painting with light by Mike Pearce

First try light painting by SzymonNawara

Painting with light by downhillfrenzy

Light Painting by hackdaddy

Painting with Light by Risachantag

Light Painting Attempt by killyourown

Light Painting by Adhago

Light painting by therookie007

Light Dreams by DrewHopper

Last Christmas by Stuart Freeman

Light Painting by Anish Adhikari

FIRE TUNNEL by Anish Adhikari

Light painting By-who-photography

light painting by johnlowry

Light Spiral full by BusterBrownBB