To quote Plato, only the dead have seen the end of war. Since the dawn of time, humanity has fought wars against itself, whether over honor, political aims, nationalism, territory, money or any number of other issues, and war has shaped our planet.

The tools of war may change, from spears and swords to nuclear bombs and computer systems, but the horrors of war remain. Even now, people around the world are touched by the pain and suffering of war, and preserving memories of the horrors of war is important to avoid repeating the past.

In this post, I’ve selected 30 war and suffering themed photographs.

submarine By Dmitry Laudin

Faces of War By Karezoid Michal Karcz

Ulingan Kids By jeff mercader

Old Warrior By Izidor Gasperlin

The Unsung Hero By Jonathan Bengtsson

Killed in Combat By Rene Haas

War/Suffering By Alex Bykov

i’m in war By Uda Dennie

Off To War By Steve Hill

The Battle of Bannockburn By Scott Black

War weary By Steven Reisman

Die Walküre By Mirza Ajanovic

War reporter By Balazs Pataki

in this moment By Rebeca Saray Gude

¡No pasarán! By Sergei Lysov

NO WAR ! By Daisuke

The Big Bang By David Delgadillo

The Forgotten Warriors By Olivier Sarbil

Overwatch By Robert Bridgens

The Forgotten Warriors By Olivier Sarbil

Under Mich By David Cuesta Azor

stop war 08 By gonras

Alone On The 6th By Ian David Soar

Beware of the Tiger By Koen Pieters

A bridge too far By Robert Bridgens


Warfare By Nuria Diez

Into the Mist By Robert Bridgens

Ramadi Rest By Zuriel Castillo

The War Room By Robert Bridgens

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