Blur is one of the most important aspects of photography. If you blur your subject, your photo probably won’t look very good. But if everything is sharp in your image, you might not have a good depth of field. And for objects in motion, blur can be essential to show it.

Blur occurs when an object is not in focus, either due to motion, or due to being too close or too far away from the focal point to be captured in detail.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the various ways and effects that can be created with blur in photography:

On the edge By Tomasz Dlubacz

Colour Burst! By Gerard McAuliffe

Green By Patrick Horgan

Pink Sunset Flower By Narek Petrosyan

Underground Shooting By Mitch Mitchell

The Cat by the Tree By Arne Östlund

Nemoros By Mandy Disher

albrecht & giselle By Ben Spurgeon

Passing by By Florin Bandas

Flock of Cardinals By Jerry Berry

Run cat run By Loulou Beavers

Shadow By Alexandre Buisse

let’s got to the cinema By Elaine Vallet

Somewhere to go. By Steve Barnes

Une Fleur, une Histoire By Fabien BRAVIN

Jasmine By Mandy Disher

Leaf By Kasper Nymann

Winter By Andrew Peters

Spheres By Igor G

Raindrops By Adrian Ciorba

zoom acceleration motion By Alex

Walking Towards The Light By Pyxis

abstract acceleration motion By Alex

portrait of a smiling girl looking through blurred fir needles By Armin Staudt

Alone By Kimberlea Lessman

Hold my hand forever 🙂 By Rupesh Jadhav

Lilac dream By Lubomíra Bibien Ištonová

Aaachooooo By Chris Froome

Green chameleon sitting on a tree branch By Lily Cat

Mouse By flx 8202

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