Time is one of the most precious things we have in life. None of us are guaranteed more time on Earth, and spending time is the ultimate opportunity cost. Any time you spend doing something, you forgo spending that time on other things. Thus, making the most of the time we are given is one of the keys to living a happy life.

That doesn’t mean that time can’t be wasted for a good reason, and it’s often said that wasted time that is enjoyed is not wasted time.

Time is a fun concept for photographers to play with, because it’s possible to express the passage (or stoppage) of time in a variety of ways. Photography itself is the ability to capture a moment in time, but just because it’s a single moment doesn’t mean that time can’t be advancing:

Too late By Hilde Ghesquiere

Rush hour By Caras Ionut

Please move faster, I want to grow up By Yvette Depaepe

The Passage of Time By Toni Verdú Carbó

Vacation time By Tatyana Tomsickova

As Long As Forever Was By paulo abrantes

When We Were Young By Bruno Di Bernardo

Time By Taci

… By Piotr Haskiewicz

Time By Maphtep

Story hands By Jaap Coorens

Time gone By nebula

Hudson 1936 By Andre van Huizen

Wrong century By Brickphoto

Funeral By Goran Jovic

The Hands of Time By Margaret Morgan

rusty time By Nuno Mota

Running ghost By Caras Ionut

tin toy By Waldemar Markiewka

The House By Tracy Parker

“sunset” (Istanbul) By e&e photography

Early Afternoon By Agnès L.

T I M E By Edgar Monzón

The time has gone By Albert Vik

Aged By Zharov Andrey

old timer sunset By Dustin Miller

time By guzin-guzin

Waiting for the next train By Fabrizio Furno

Old Times By Saša Krušnik

Time By onurkorkmaz

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