Steampunk is a fictional genre that focuses on steam-powered machinery, and alternate history technologies such as analog computers, airships, and other machines based upon steam-power, clockworks, and retrofitted technology.

Steampunk is a popular sub-genre of science fiction, and has unique artistic styles, fashion, music and other aspects that make it popular. There are groups and communities built around steampunk enthusiasm, and it’s a popular setting for fictional works such as film and books.

The highly stylized setting of steampunk makes it a great genre for photographers, as it blends realism with anachronistic technologies and a unique visual style. To honor that, here you’ll find 30 stylized steampunk photographs.

Diageo: Stark Raving II By Dean Bradshaw

Steam Punk By Heiko Warnke

Mutiny By KT Allen

Rebecca Evers By Rebeca Saray

Sir Jafet By Rebeca Saray

Steampunk Portrait By Marina “Loki” Nosova

Steampunk Lady By Mascha Seitz

helicopters don’t repair themselves By Photocillin Photography

Steampunk Lincoln By Walt Stoneburner

Steampunk Time! By Robby Molver

Steampunk By Henry Faber

Steampunk Soldier By Todd Keith

Steam Punk By Jeff Tamagini

Steampunk Photographer by convokephoto

Steam punk Elelphant By Arnaud Falchier

Steampunk By John Ashton

Clyde Meridian (Steampunk Portrait) By Donovan Rekanize

Steampunk By Gary Lanier

Steampunk By Isidro Urena

SteamPunk : the Engine By Michel Bricteux

SteamPunk By rainbowhawk

Steam Punk Zombie By Ben Roffelsen

tuneup By hep svadja

The Steampunk Trike! By Dave Nunez-Delgado

Cigar anyone? By Jennifer Williams

Steampunk By Katja Alieva

Steampunk Time Machine By Keith Kapple

Constance Bashford By Roy Blokvoort

Steampunk By Txema Lacunza

Steampunk By Ian MacDonald

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