One of the most popular themes for photographers and digital artists in general to experiment with is scary, spooky, haunted, or creepy concepts.

In photography, it can get a bit tricky, as most spooky nightmare scenes require low light, and some staging is frequently involved in achieving the end result.

In this post, I’ve selected 30 spooky nightmare photographs to illustrate the concepts:

concrete By Christian Martin Weiss

Come to my nightmares by Daniel Romero

‘Of Nightmares’ By Elle

Nightmares By Renee Robyn

Gray Nightmares By Samad Ghorbanzadeh

Nightmare…… By rolfspicture

Daily Dream By Samad Ghorbanzadeh

Nightmare By jannepaint

Nightmares, Depression By Christina Freeth

Haunted Temple Of Hellish Nightmares (Ghosts Of The Storm) By Jon Sheer

My Own Nightmare By Dustin Cytacki

Nightmare By Serhan Yilmazer

Nightmare 1 By eliXile

Nightmare By fesign

Circus Nightmare By S Jessica Deal

Nightmare By Dark–Dreams

Nightmare By nicholas peter

A nightmare By Boisard Julien

Nightmare in Saarbrooklyn By Patrick KAAS

Nightmare By Petras Gagilas

sightings By Rudy Harianto

A Midsummers Nightmare By billybofh

Nightmares keeping you awake By Kelley, Lyndsey A.

Disease By Erkki Alvenmod

The Nightmare by Brad.Wagner

dream of death By Erik Schlicksbier

Nightmare By Manuel Alvedro

A nightmare’s embrace By christianbenetel

Nightmare By Alexandra Pozhar

Nightmare By Rucsandra Calin