Size is an important concept in all aspects of life, as it helps us determine relationships, estimate weight, perceive threats, and make other important inferences. Usually, larger objects are assumed to be heavier, larger animals are assumed to be more dangerous, and so forth.

However, sometimes, important or powerful concepts appear in small sizes. Some of the deadliest lifeforms are the smallest, and smaller fruits are often more pungent and flavorful.

This concept of big-in-small is a perfect topic for photographers, as it’s possible to show off the concept of small objects with big impact. Check out these photos to illustrate the idea:

The knight and his steed By Nicolas Reusens

Small in Nature By Eleonora Di Primo

Full of enthusiasm for learning By Samane gholamnejad

Hard Day’s Work By Violet Kashi

Bug Life By Mister Solo

His First Car by Barbara Read

Helping friend By Eko Adiyanto

Web By Matjaz Cater

When size matter By Gleb Tarro

Fly Away By Emerald Wake

I’ll always be there for you By Anthony Mahieu

To the death By Eyal Bussiba

Garden By Eleonora Di Primo

Big Dreams – Small Dreams By M-E-S-H-O

Small Chick Big Feet By thrumyeye

working By RomaNdos

It’s a small world By Jille Zuidema

Buongiorno 😀 By Kim Leuenberger

Jumper Size Reference By FramedByNature

Road By stefano cicali

Small Basketballer By Walde Jansky

Spring story By Vesna Tiricovska

Small galaxy By Rick Evans

Common Kingfisher II By Boris Smokrovic

Ok..I Trust You ! By Goran Jovic

big and small By shikhei goh

Hold on By Tiago Pinheiro

Small but not less important By Walther Luiz Schlüter

Help! By Fahmi Bhs

Tiny World By Nitin Prabhudesai

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