When people think of textures in photography, they usually think about overlaying a filter or texture in post processing. But it’s actually possible to capture a variety of textural styles through a camera only.

Through motion blur, long exposure and other photography tricks, it’s possible to create super smooth photographs that have a sense of flow, or soft photos with a delicate touch.

Here, you’ll see a showcase of some silk smooth photographs:

Every end begin By Beauty

//O// By Juliana Nan

Nonsense By Eleonora Di Primo

Harmony of Feelings… By Juliana Nan

*o*o*o* By Juliana Nan

Abstract Wave By David Orias

Waves of Symphony By Juliana Nan

Flow of silk By Katsumi Oyamada

so gentle, so furious By Ursula

Smooth as Silk By Nasser Al-Humaidi

Smooth As Silk By Ricky Sadiosa Rueda

Smooth By Tracy Martin

Untitled By Dane Alex

Smooth as Silk By Jonathan Goforth

Edge of a Day By S. S.

Quintessence of Wave By Anton Gorlin

Garden By Eleonora Di Primo

Sentimental By Eleonora Di Primo

Once upon a Time By Eleonora Di Primo

Silt Designs By Kent Mearig

s h e e p By Lothar Adamczyk

silky smooth By Marianna Armata

Timeless By Eleonora Di Primo

The Milk Flying Saucer By Marc Garrido

Smooth By Betina Juchem Clemens

The way out By Stefano Termanini

rhapsody in blue By Russ Styles

Antelope Canyon Monument By Romain Guy

Shyness By Inna Geasuha

A gift from silky rain By Miki Asai

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