Rivers are essential for life and human civilization. All of the ancient civilizations for humanity have their roots near large rivers. The Nile, the Amazon, the Tigris and Euphrates, the Rhine and the Indus and Ganges are all famous rivers that were hubs of both ancient and modern life. Rivers allow for fresh water, transportation and fertile farmland, and they continue to be crucial for our modern society.

Rivers are also great subjects for photography, not only because of the beauty of the water and shorelines, but also because of the vibrant life that exists around them.

Here’s 30 examples of serene river photography:

Island Lightning by Sam Javanrouh

Tollymore Stepping Stones by Stephen Emerson

Sacramento River by vbossi

Winter Reflections by Cindy Costa

The Morning Fisherman by Trey Ratcliff

River Witham by tina negus

On river by bydnam

In The Morning by Jeffry Surianto

famous gacka river by helti

The Fisherman @ Thailand by Arthit Somsakul

Ottawa River by ViaMoi

Silent Morning by Andre Arment

Journey by S Arman S

Frozen by Vladislav Ponomarev

Dancing Reflections by Arild Heitmann

Voyager by Izidor Gasperlin

Boat On The River by gilad

Imagine by Carlos Resende

Divine Show by Anton Jankovoy

Dark River by kyrneucciu

Angel by Alex Saberi

In Nhu y river by Hai Thinh

The little River by sternenfern

Gold River by Vedran Vidak

The silence of Lo River by Frank Dang

that for which i’m thankful by Katya Horner

river by efrafa

Traces by Kaz Watanabe

River by jjuuhhaa

The Awakening by Dylan Fox