The term “rear view” has one usual meaning, and that is, looking at what is behind. However, with a play on words, it can also mean a view of the rear of another object. This could either be the backside, the back, the buttocks or simply an object facing away from the viewer.

The back has significance in a variety of aspects of human society, particularly as a way of implying nudity without actually displaying it. The back is frequently exposed by certain styles of clothing and is also a prominent area for tattoo display. It’s also one of the more vulnerable areas for both humans and animals, as it is less defensible and easier to attack through surprise.

The rear view can be viewed as disrespectful, as the object is not attentive to the viewer, which can create interesting conceptual scenarios in addition to the aforementioned significance of the back.

Here’s some examples to illustrate:

Desk By Jon Cook

Le Odle By giorgio debernardi

Tat2 By Beautiful Thais

Young teenager on a black background, contrast rear view By Marek Miglinski

Rump By Andrew Styan

Herd of Springbok By Colmar Wocke

The Dead Angle By Daria Endresen

Back Sheep Driver By Paul Anthony Wilson

Back By Adi Ben-shushan

Back By MichaelMagin

Where By Vidi

Back By Maria K Steinsson

Taxiing Hornet – rear view By Marco Tricarico

a beautiful rear can also endear. By Rudi (Rudolf) Moerkl

Chillout ride By Galopp Reporter

Back light By E.Amer

Back In Your Head By Owen

Back By the man at the front desk…

Back By Jarda Polivka

back home By Sergey Kokinskiy

Speed, perfected By Carl Stovell

follow By David Charouz

Back By Earl A. Jones

backside view I By nicepixx

Does my bum look big …? By Clare Forster

Back Home By Ashok Saravanan .Ay

The backside By Karen Havenaar

Backbone By vidi

Rear view By Per Ejeklint

Mirando al mar … By Maril√≥ Irimia

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