Tilt-shift photography is a type of selective focus and perspective control photography that makes even large objects seem smaller, almost like toys, and has a selected area of focus with the rest out of focus.

Usually, such effects are created with tilt-shift lenses, but the effect can also be produced digitally.

The results can be very cool to look at, especially with things that normally are quite large such as cities. Here’s some examples:

Berlin Bundestag – Tilt Shift by Thpx

Tilt n shift by Amsler

Miniature Beach 2 by Noam Gordon

Mall access by Nicolas

Mini world by Simon Tidd

Tilt Shift by Mtheis1987

Tilt shift by T? Lê Hùng

Down town by Brad Marks

NYC Tilt Shift byJewltUp

Park Guell tilt shift by Andre Davis

Adventures in Tilt Shift 11 by umblowsthebig1

Tilt shift by Andrey O

NanoWorl:China by Blazej Mronzinski

Olympiacenter Munich – Tilt Shift Pictureby Maaster

Tilt Shift, Lamayuru Ladakh by Vivek Sheel Singh


Tilt Shift F1 Racing 2008by MowCroft

tilt (17)

Tilt Shift Cannonsby Patrick Buechner

St Geniez d’Olt by Bastien HAJDUK

Tilt-Shift Castleby Hazza42

James Young Tilt Shack

Fontanges Tilt Shift by Ali Bentelkhokh

Crossing by Ahmad Amarullah

Tilt Shift III – EPFLby b4silio

Lionat Natalia Petri tilt shift

Adventures in Tilt Shift 10by umblowsthebig1

Flat Iron by Rafael Peixoto Ferreira

City lego tilt shiftby MrMixiz

Tillt! Siena! Shift! by Vidar

All the little people by David Merron

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