Most of us are familiar with hide and seek, as a game that we play as children at home or at the schoolyard. Conceptually, hide and seek simply involves some players hiding themselves in an area and then one or more seekers are tasked with finding them. Numerous variations on the game exist, and conceptually, hunting Easter eggs is a game of hide and seek that is perhaps most familiar.

Hide and seek has some merits, both with physical exercise involved in searching, the creativity of developing hiding places, and the development of individual identity and experience through playing games.

One of the elements of hide and seek is the contrast between hiding and seeking, and it’s a contrast that also happens to play well in photography:

Inquiring look by Roman Rodionov

Tilda I by Katja Sturm

Hide and Seek by Dalia Kvedaraite

Hide by Anuchit Sundarakiti

Hide and Seek by ruialexandremendes

Hide and Seek by Zoran Milutinovic

Hide and Seek by Natasha Pnini

Hide and Seek by PassionAndTheCamera

Hide and Seek by BHandersen

Hide and seek – Without the boy by Patrick Stroobach

Hide and Seek by simonovikis

Hide and seek by Tatiana Avdjiev

hide by Adrienne Elliot

Hide by AlecTwin

Hide & Seek by Kallol Majumdar

Hide and Seek by BigboyDenis

Hide and seek III by Caras Ionut

hide and seek by andrea-h

Hide and Seek by Michael Poliza

Hide and Seek by AwesomePlanetHetalia

hide & seek by a_ sharifzade

Hide and Seek by sergey1984

Hide and seek by Motiur Rahman

{ Hide and seek } by Thai Hoa Pham

Hide and seek by George-kirk

Hide and Seek by Kent

hide-and-seek by Elena Shumilova

hide and seek by VehementDesire

Hide and seek by Mosaddeque Rahman

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