Daily life is frequently about routine, repeating the same actions over and over and getting into habits. While this can help to maximize efficiency and productivity through familiarity, it also limits creative thinking and ability to see things differently.

It’s easy to get trapped in a mentality or habit, and it can be difficult to break. However, it’s possible to break from the routine and ordinary by getting a new perspective and looking at things differently.

This change in perspective is also a great subject in photography, as otherwise ordinary or mundane scenes take on completely new meaning when seen through a different perspective.

Strength is a matter of perspective By Adrian Sommeling

like a harp’s strings III By Julia Anna Gospodarou

Looking Up By Marsel van Oosten

Linkage By Seiji Mamiya

Greatness By PhotoCosma

Eiffel line By sgaze

SkyWalking By Baptiste Sibé

Close to freedom By Arnaud Montagard

Viewpoint By dufau julien

A Balmy Day By Dr. Akira TAKAUE

Mentre tutto scorre (while everything flows) By Nicolino Sapio

Midnight Sun By Max Emil

Parisian Perspective By Jurjen Harmsma

Unusual Perspective By Libby Himberger

Perspective By Mario Ughi

Perspective By Philip Martin

Perspective By Sabine

perspective By Wolfruede

light at the end of the tunnel By Riccardo Romano

flutter ii By wwhimsical


girl By Robert

flight II By Codrin Lupei

Shortcut By Joanna Lemanska

A Simple Place By SYMPL IMAGES

Spider view By MoganAndrei

All eyes on me By Thomas Ljungberg

Bottom Up By Reine Nassar

Dreaming before the thunder By Mikael Jigmo

Asymmetric Congruent Polygons By Iain Gilmour