Tattoos are a form of body art that has been around for centuries. The process of tattooing involves injecting ink under the skin to create a given design.

Tattoos have been around almost as long as mankind, and many prehistoric tribes are known to have used tattoos for tribal significance, spirituality, and indicating societal status.

Most people with tattoos use them as a form of body art, and love to show off their decorations:

Tattoed Surfer by Diane Varner

Dmitriy Scherbatly

Dejana by Milenko Dilas

Tattoo by lesyakikh

Selfie Shot by Flippo Peruz

By Alex Zhavoronkov

A Fishy Tatto by Colarado Sands

Lisa Leapord by Dan LaHaie

Tribal work by Isuf Costl

The Crusade by Rudy Lamboray

Wallflower by Patryk kott

Caucasian mother carrying daughter piggyback outdoors by Gable Denims

Old School tatto by Isuf Costl

Valentine’s Day by Dlogo Costta

By Shestock

Tattoo Artist Ralf by MissAgentCooper

Alike by Can Dagarslani

Mas que un tatuaje by Miguel Angel Junquera

By Valatina Manjarrez

Twenty-seven. by Hellow

Handsome fit athletic shirtless young man By Stefano c

Serglnho Tatto by 100_0931

first tattoo (: by Molly Green

Che by Dan Brewer

anya garlenchick by Katro

Forever by hellow

People tattoo by Karla Amelburu

-Portrait by Savenkovaliza

This is on account of my loving you forever.. by Cindy

Flying Tatto by Pavlinbaharov

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