Much of the planet used to consist of open plains, where animals were able to roam freely and there was little signs of human development. These days, much of those plains and fields have been developed into residential and commercial areas, but there are still some open prairies as well as farmland.

Fields present a great opportunity for photographers, as they often allow visibility over wide areas and the contrast of the foliage works perfectly with daytime skies as well as sunsets. It’s also possible to use open fields as a motif or concept in photography.

Here’s 30 examples of photographs of open fields.

Sunset By jfphotography

Fields By Theophilos

Frosty Breath By Peter Svoboda

Vintage Landscape By Andrew

Neurosis By Piotr Lisowski

Velours De Lavender By Meg C

In Time and Space By BrightStar2

Untitled By Gellért Simon

Winter Mood By Fernand Hick

Hot air balloons over tulip field By William88

Landscape By Andrew

Somewhere on the Road By Janini

Golden light over a hay field By Richard Grabowski

Dream By Leszek Paradowski

The Heaven’s Light By Mayank Parmar

Karwendel View By Michael Breitung

Fields of Fire By Gert van Duinen

Loreburn, Saskatchewan, Canada Tornado By Robert Edmonds

Field Trip Observation By Marianne Kjolner

On Waves By Krzysztof Browko

Tranquil Pleasures By Srivatsan Sankaran

Landscape By Andrew

Field Landscape By Waldemar Wienchol

Landscape By Pepp2012

Tractor By Piotr Krol (Bax)

Tree Landscape By Andrew

Fields of Storm By Piotr Krol (Bax)

Landscape in National Park Sumava, Czech Republic By Rudolf Vclek

In shadow of windmill By Lukas Zugaj

SA Landscape By Yuri Prokopenko

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