Concrete is one of the most important materials in modern building. It’s created using a composite of coarse particle materials and a cement or binding agent to hold it together. It’s commonly used in the construction of roads, bridges, and buildings.

Concrete has a unique appearance and finish to it, but can vary depending on the materials used, and has been available in some natural forms for a long time and is still surviving in Roman structures today, but reinforced concrete was introduced in 1849 and took concrete to being one of the premier construction materials.

Because of its ubiquity, concrete is often visible in photographs in ways, shapes and forms:

Squares, circles, trapezoids. By Peter Smejkal

Freedom – Escaping the rut you are in… By Ian Johnston

Concrete design By Antoine Bergeal

Airport By Jaromir Chalabala

the dome BY Fabian Irsara

Yusuf Ibn Tashfin Dam By Gergo Antal

Sea Legs By Mark Coe

“nuclear dawn” By Thomas Windisch

Spiral City By M.Rafiee

Concrete Jungle 2 By Kerim Hadzi

Thames Riverside By Arash Afraie

circulation By Piet Flour

Eglise Saint-Joseph by Auguste Perret… By Frank Smout Images

Round and Round By Scott Couse

Concrete One By Ernie Kent

concrete waves By Toni Guerra

A Tree Grows There By Elias

The State of Affairs By Martin Gremm

Shell By cyril

And Nothing Else Matters…. By FrankBa

Still standing By Daniel Portal

The Salk Institute By Alan Roberts

Stockholm Subway – Rådhuset By David Dokakis

The Canadian Bank of Commerce By John Velocci

Heavy Structure By Leon Hill

Cross Over By Jack Daugherty

overman O3 (conceptual) By Cameron Solnordal

Lovers in the City By Alex Lau

Vertigo By Dusica Paripovic

Concrete Jungle By Aaron Morgan

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