Arches are curved structures with a gap below them, often serving as entrances to buildings, but also occurring naturally in rock canyons and caves around the world.

In architecture, arches are some of the most important structures, and the development of the pointed arch as a refinement of the rounded arch was a major development for building taller and bigger buildings.

In this post, we’ll look at 30 photographs of constructed and natural arches around the world:

Turret Arch through North Window Arch By Kenneth Keifer

Delicate Arch By Nick Chill

Double-O Arch By Scott Barlow

Delicate Arch II By Jeff Burton

The Star of Broken Arch By Jerry Patterson

Souvenirs des jours. By Fábio Brandão


Old Bridge By Bez Dan

Corona Arch By StockFootage .com

Saints and Sinners By Pravin Sitaraman

The 7 Arches By Priyank Patel

Reverence By Nate Ng

Pine Tree Arch By Rodger Podlogar

Delicate Arch By Stas Aleksandersson

Coliseum By Claude Gariepy

Placa del Rei in Barcelona By Andrey Omelyanchuk

The India Gate By Anadi Chaturvedi

Lady and the mosque By Daniel Murphy

arches and stairs By Peter Bigorajski |

The Shoemaker By Leah Kennedy

Old World By Ali Khataw

Misty Mahal By Leah Kennedy

The Abbey By Mal Smart

Arch View By Sean Bailey

Mystical gateway By Milan Panchal

View of famous Arc de Triomphe at sunset By Frederic Prochasson

L’Arc de Triomphe By Hemant Goyal

Gateway By Dan Cornock

Pigeon Conundrum By Simon Linge

Ruins of Kirkham Priory By Anthony Dezenzio

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