There are many ancient ruins around the world, from different societies including the Egyptians, Chinese, Mayans, Romans, Greeks, Muslims, Jews, Aztecs and more. In some cases, the ruins are isolated, in other places, modern cities have grown up around them.

Each location and society has their own type of ruins. In Rome, the Roman columns are notable, whereas the Mayans and Egyptians each had pyramids.

For photographers and tourists alike, ruins of ancient societies have great allure because of their beauty, uniqueness, and nostalgia:

Castlerigg Stone Circle By Chris Fletcher

The traveller By Marquicio Pagola

Machu Picchu By Cesar March

Temple of Juno (Hera) By Yair Karelic

Ancient City By Single Step Photography

Say cheese! By Marquicio Pagola

corfe castle By Ollie Taylor

The Roman Forum By Angelo Farraris

Petra By Davide Marzotto

Machu Picchu By Anthony Reda

Plaosan Temple in Java Indonesia By Pocholo Calapre

Zelve Open Air Museum By Luis Beraldo

Pyramids By Arvind Balaraman

Abandoned Castle Ruins in the Forest By Ales Krivec

my Stonehenge photo By Angelo Ferraris

The Machu Picchu Guard Tower By Matt Wade

Colosseum By Stefan Nielsen

Ancient ruins By Davide Lopresti

The Castle at Rocca Calascio at Sunrise. By Hans Kruse

Ancient Ruins Landscape By Teemu Tretjakov

Pyramids By Arvind Balaraman

Machu Picchu from Above By Csilla Zelko

The Colosseum By Enrique Bpsquet

Ruins By Len Saltiel

The old Castle at Rocca Calascio By Hans Kruse

Ancient fish industry By Michele Ponzio

Machu Picchu Sunrise By Roberto Requejo

Chichen Itza Temple By Will Smith

Avenue of the dead By Rafal Kubiak

Travel in Time By Igor Levkovsky

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