Passion is a tricky concept. Generally speaking, passion refers to a strong feeling about a person, object, activity or concept, and it’s a complex, powerful set of emotions. Passion is usually considered to be a positive thing, consisting of love, desire, affinity or excitement, but it can also manifest itself with negative emotions such as anger or hatred.

Passion is tricky because it is a very subjective concept, and what constitutes passion for someone who is more stoic will be very different than passion for someone who is naturally emotive. For some, passion must involve outward expression of happiness, smiling, and desire, while for others, passion is simply an undying motivation to engage in an activity.

Because of the subjectivity of passion, it’s a great topic for photographers who want to express what passion consists of in their own opinion and artistic vision.

On Fire by Samir Pajic

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Passion By Carlos Taborda

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passion By gaiakiyarae

Khoma on stage By Anders Samuelsson

Passionate reader By Susanne Stoop

Love Passion By StefanoSgambati

strong passion By stanislav hricko

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