Milk is one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the world, and it is commonly consumed by newborns due to milk’s nutrient rich status.  Milk also has some well known related concepts, such as cookies or cows, and is a great subject for photographers.

Here is an awesome collection of 30 milk themed photographs to inspire you.  Next time you are drinking a glass of milk, think about these photographs for inspiration and try taking your own!

Milky By Sedef ISIK

Cookies and Milk By *La-Vita-a-Bella

Droplets By Manny Larioza

Milk Drop 6000 By Buck Cash

MILK By ~cfcoughlin

Milk Shot By miracsaglam

3D Picture Of Milk by Saad Imran

Awesome Milk Photography by Andrey Razumovsky

The Accident By Carly W

The Drink of Life By Vermin Inc

Milk Drop Photography by Luc V

Milk by ~romio900

Milksnare by alvise silenzi

High Speed Milk Photography By planetoftheweb

Fotorecopilatorio 53

Milk on milk By Gavin

Nest of milk by Tom MacDonald

Cherry Drop By bda668

Mediterranea Body Milk Sculptor

Milk Splash by ~HL-Photography

Don’t cry over spilt milk…by sandra

Holy Grail By photoboothguy

A Well Of Milk by Francesca Birini

BlackBerry By Dan. D.

Spilled milk by Andrea S

Coffee splash by ~guszti132

milk photography

Got Milk? By masaaidhs

Black currant juice splashing into milk By ngari.norway

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