The depths of the ocean and other bodies of water can seem like another world, with different creatures and terrain than you’ll find anywhere else on Earth.

Taking photographs underwater can be challenging, because of water pressure, the issue of waterproofing hi-tech gadgets, and also the dangers of drowning.

However, with the proper precautions, and a little practice, the results of underwater photography can be beautiful:

Landslide Hall by Viktor Lyagushkin

Shipwrecks by Matthew Fischbach

love under the sea by Kenvin Pinardy

Underwater 8 Sodaro,k

Hunting bubbles by Dmitry Laudin

Wreck by Tim Briggs

Underwater Garden by Ladigue_99

Underwater fairy by Dmitry Laudin

Underwater by Xelor (on and off)

Whirpool by Andrey Narchuk

Underwater world by ???? ? ???????

Underwater foliage by Daniel Silverman

The Death of a Shark by Csaba Tokolyi

underwater by Schattenwerk

Underwater Sunset by Naomi Roe

Underwater Canyon by Julio Sanjuan

underwater world by Peggy J Hughes

Manta Ray by Kjersti Busk Joergensen

Underwater by Grant Stirton

Hai Siang Wreck by Barathieu Gobriel

Cathedral by Andrey Narchuk

underwater colors by Green.pit

Underwater 12 by Archangem

Underwater Traffic by Pete Leong

Underwater Tabletop by Josh Mazgelis

A last glance by nini_filippini

Underwater Scene by Parée

Life Underwater by Ed Melendres

Not a creature was stirring by Justin Salzer

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